Popular belief is that collecting a blood sample is the most accurate way of gathering a DNA sample. That belief is true, but there are also equally accurate methods which are easier and provide other benefits. The most widespread DNA collection procedure today is swab DNA testing.

With swab DNA testing, a q-tip is scraped on the inside of the participant's cheek in order to gather skin cells. The collection is painless, and it takes only about 10 seconds per cheek.

Swab DNA testing provides many benefits over collecting blood samples. First, the collection can be done by anyone, whereas an individual must be trained to collect a blood DNA sample. Second, swabs are easier to transport than blood. This lowers cost for the laboratory testing the samples, which is transferred to you in the end price. This is why we've seen price decreases over the past 10 years. The final benefit is the painless sample collection. Oftentimes, the child being collected is only a few days old. a swab DNA test will not harm the child, while drawing a blood sample will cause significant discomfort.

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