What is a DNA test?

A DNA test is an implementation of DNA. Every person and animal has DNA, and technology allows us to test DNA for a number of things. We can use DNA to determine predisposition to disease. A DNA test can be used to determine your ancestry. One of the most common uses for a DNA test is to determine close family relationships, specifically paternity and siblingship.

The uses for a DNA test are increasing everyday and will continue to do so. Throughout this website, we'll discuss the current uses for relationship DNA testing.

Paternity Testing

A paternity test is the most accurate way of proving the biological relationship between a father and a child. In order to complete a paternity test, DNA samples must be collected from a potential father and a potential child. The child's mother is not needed for the test, but including the mother does improve the conclusiveness of the result. Depending on your situation, you may choose from a variety of paternity testing options.

Legal Paternity Test

A legal paternity test is one which can be used for legal purposes. Examples of reasons to purchase a legal paternity test are;

DNA test for child support

DNA test for child custody

DNA test for a birth certificate change

DNA test for a visa

Home Paternity Test

A home paternity test is one which can be used only for peace of mind, as it is not legally admissible. Dozens of companies offer DNA test home kits, and many of them are not as accurate as legal paternity tests.


DNA testing for families

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